Welcome to Publishing Services | Building Partnerships

Publishing Services provides the platforms and systems that support more than 30 of the world’s leading privately owned media and supplement companies. But our impact doesn’t stop there.

Our expert teams strive to provide a fast-paced, flexible, and functional foundation for growth. Day to day, we build and support the enterprise applications used by entrepreneurial businesses, allowing them to focus on profits and business growth.

And while this model hasn’t changed over the years, Publishing Services has grown and evolved into a dependable support and enterprise applications company.

As the Agora companies evolved and expanded, Publishing Services has grown with them using a client-focused approach. To that end, we hold ourselves to a high level of customer service and accountability that only a true partner can provide.

Because here at Publishing Services, we believe in building partnerships, not just systems.


“Communication is the real work of leadership” – Nitin Nohria, Dean of Harvard Business School

Good communication is central to any partnership, and here at Publishing Services we make it our top priority. We are committed to keeping each of our clients informed on any issues that impact their businesses, allowing them to make smart, timely business decisions.

And just as good communication is essential to success, ineffective or incomplete communication can be wasteful and even detrimental to your business. This is why we strive for excellent communication every single day.

We promise to engage our clients in all the topics that concern their businesses with simple, direct and honest communication.


“Collaboration begins with mutual understanding and respect.” – Astronaut Ron Garen

Collaboration is at the heart of our core values. At Publishing Services, we foster a collaborative and transparent environment that promotes learning, innovation, and brings out the best in each of our employees.

Our professional relationships are no different. We collaborate with experts and industry leaders in all our endeavors as we strive to provide our clients the very best business solutions and product offerings. We’ve worked hard to develop a culture of transparency and collaboration in order to put our clients first.

We promise to be a true partner, here to help you grow and succeed.


“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” – Aristotle

We are committed to very high standards, and to offering our clients only products that are stable, robust, and scalable. In short, we are laser-focused on quality. This mindset lives in every branch of our business. We don’t accept just “okay” in anything we do, and while our teams can be nimble and fast when necessary, we believe that accuracy is speed.

We promise to bring true quality to all the products and services we offer.