Bringing in new customers is exciting and essential for the growth of your business, but keeping sight of your existing customers can be equally important. That’s why the Renewals team at Publishing Services works every day to help manage your renewal and billing needs. We provide the oversight and procedures necessary to help you build strong, lasting relationships with your customers.

What can the Renewals team do for me?

Our renewals department offers a number of services to help you develop loyal, renewing customers. To achieve this, we work with each client to plan and implement retention and billing campaigns. We use various systems to help drive order volume and ultimately capture as much revenue as possible. Some of our key services are listed below.

Renewals Services

  • Advantage Set Up We’ll create selections that will target customers for a particular offer, create campaigns and offer/promo codes, and enter mailing costs. We’ll also run various processes to create output files or mark customers’ accounts for Message Central targets.
  • Email and Mail Production – We’ll handle set up and execution of renewal services, special renewals, and auto renewal notifications.
  • Credit Card decline and maintenance fee notifications – We can target customers who owe a balance and contact them via automated email, mail, and telesales efforts.
  • Reporting – We provide monthly or quarterly reporting on your renewal efforts. These reports include Promotion Summary by Promotion, BuyerBuild open clicks tracking, eCommerce mailing summary, Auto Renew notifications, Maintenance Fee Pay ups, and overall Renewal Retention rates.
  • Print and Mail Shop Management – We can bid out printing and mail shop needs to various vendors and award jobs based on price, quality and delivery time frame. We then act as traffic coordinator to follow the job from start to completion.
  • Consultation – We’ll provide recommendations for new offer ideas, pricing strategies and customer selection. We closely follow our clients’ businesses, and will share information on what’s working/not working for other affiliates in the renewals realm. We can also schedule monthly or quarterly meetings to discuss opportunities.

In short, we take the work out of renewals so you can focus on producing top-notch marketing and content.