Sometimes you need a solution right now. Our industry moves fast, and when you need to make changes on the fly, you need a technical development team that can keep up. The prototype team was developed specifically to handle such situations. Our job is to create quick workarounds and solutions to any issues you have without sacrificing the integrity of our core systems.

Rapid Development

The prototype team exists to rapidly test out new ideas and workarounds, and keep our clients’ businesses moving forward while a permanent fix is developed.  These solutions can take on several different forms. For example, if you have an idea for a marketing strategy but lack the technical ability to execute it, we may meet with you to offer guidance and expertise. Or we may provide scripts and direction to your in-house technical staff to implement a quick idea. The prototype team has the flexibility to approach problems from all different angles to keep our clients ahead of the curve.

Later, if any of these ideas or workarounds prove successful, we may pass them along to our product teams or the architecture board for long-term implementation into our systems.

Deploy Fast Solutions

Whether working to deliver a proof of concept for one of your ideas, or respond to a change in industry technologies, the prototype team has the ability to work quickly and test new ideas rapidly. This is because most of the solutions we develop are outside the codebase of the rest of Publishing Services’ systems. This means we can try out new solutions, and limit the effects to one or two clients without effecting functionality for everyone else.

We strive to empower each of our clients by helping them respond to a rapidly changing industry without sacrificing the integrity of our larger systems. Working as a direct counterpoint to Publishing Services’ Architecture Board, the prototype team is here to help you create what you want when you want it.