Middleware is an essential part of our application ecosystem. The Middleware system touches many of our other systems (including Advantage, TargetPlus, Message Central, and MaxMind, our GEO-IP location services), and allows you to manage customer data between all of these applications. While this may sound confusing at first, Middleware is one of the most powerful and versatile tools available to our clients. It allows for user authentication, customer targeting, and much more.

What is Middleware?

Middleware uses service “calls” to pass important data between various systems. This service has two primary functions. First, Middleware authenticates users for login access to websites and other content. This is essential, as it allows users to access their new content as soon as they’ve purchased it, rather than forcing customers to wait several hours for the orders to be verified and processed.

The second function allows our clients to access and manage their customer data. There are a variety of calls specifically designed to retrieve and update customer information. Access to this data enables our clients to efficiently and effectively manage their customer base.

These two keystone functions make up the bulk of Middleware calls, but far more are available. The list is always growing too, as new calls are added on a regular basis.

Middleware is an essential part of our enterprise applications, which we can leverage to help you make the most of all your systems.

Middleware Development and Workflow

Our developers are always researching and writing new calls so our clients can get the data they need, when they need it. If a call doesn’t exist to carry out the functions you envision, we will work to establish a custom call that fulfills your desired outcome. To request new functionality, simply submit a support ticket with what you’d like to accomplish.

Once the request is in, our business analysts will work with you to discover your exact need and decide upon the best way to meet your requirements. These requirements will then be sent to our experienced development team, and finally to our quality assurance team, who will thoroughly test every call before it goes live to ensure maximum stability.

We also have a support team that is always available to assist our clients. They are an excellent resource for any specific questions about Middleware, and can help you decide which calls are the most suitable for your business needs.