Leadership Team


Martin Lannon – President of Publishing Services

Martin joined the Publishing Services team in 2012 after spending over a decade working on the publishing/marketing sides of the business.  Over the years he has worked in various facets of the publishing world from creative/package development, acquisition and retention marketing, as well as operations.  He currently serves as the leader of the Publishing Services focusing on all internal operations to support the needs and demands of the various businesses within “The Agora” all around the globe.  In addition he works closely with the 14 West Advisory Board on strategic planning and assists in carrying out the implementation of important governing functions.




DSC09033bEnrico Capitan – Vice President of Applications

Enrico joined Publishing Services in 2012 as part of the DigiCom Support team after having spent the previous decade in various IT roles including help desk, network engineer, and web developer. In his present role, Enrico is responsible for all electronic communication that is sent to customers from any of the systems supported by Publishing Services. Enrico also oversees the other Application offerings. He strives to provide our clients with the highest level of customer service and support.

Enrico earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems and his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.






Ryan Kelliher – Chief Solutions Architect

Ryan Kelliher joined the Publishing Services software engineering team in 2011 as a Senior Engineer. He brought to the company a strong coding skill set, high standards of quality, and broad knowledge of the latest frameworks, standards and best practices pertaining to software and data.

In 2014, he became the team’s Principal Engineer in charge of code quality and the vetting of frameworks. When he joined the Architecture Board in 2015 he took on the added responsibilities of participating in the planning, design and implementation of new systems at the enterprise level. In 2018 Ryan took the lead role as Chief Solutions Architect where he performs reviews of all technology choices over Publishing Services’ entire range of products and becoming an advocate for improving or replacing older systems with the industry’s latest advances. Other aspects include designing, proposing and developing new systems, hiring and building new teams and performing code reviews and training. As Chief Solutions Architect, in addition to the above, Ryan also oversees the Prototype Team and guides Publishing Services leadership on all matters of technology and development. Additionally he helps to vet new high level technical talent for Publishing Services, advises product and project managers in matters of technology, as well as plans and coordinates highly complex technical projects. Ryan is also one of the primary mentors of our junior engineers.



DSC08936bAnne Kelly – Vice President of Ancillary Services

Anne oversees the vision, direction, and day to day operations of the fulfillment, renewals, and NameBank departments. She strives to ensure her team is providing “peace of mind” in the day to day service they provide to our clients. With over 25 year’s combined experience at Agora and Publishing Services, Anne can provide insight from an Operations and Marketing perspective. The many roles she has held through the years allows her to understand the nuances of working for a centralized department vs another Agora company.