If you are a marketer, you know how difficult it can be to keep track of all your different promos and marketing efforts. Publishing Services proprietary IRIS program simplifies this process by providing a user-focused marketing interface. IRIS provides marketers with all the tools they need to see campaigns through to completion. From content management to rich, detailed reporting, IRIS simplifies the process of marketing your products and services.

What Can IRIS do for me?

  • Workflow – At its core, IRIS is a workflow tool. Created by marketers, for marketers, it is based on best practices learned from Agora affiliates through years of consultative development. It contains all the tools needed to share information, create and schedule marketing efforts, manage content, and maintain promotions, all in one interface.


  • Dynamic Placeholders – IRIS uses placeholders that dynamically insert promotional links into copy. This allows users to quickly generate marketing efforts and easily distribute them to internal and external media outlets. IRIS also provides an ability to quickly test two different promotions and easily direct traffic to the winner. These features and more, allows users of IRIS to accomplish more in an efficient manner.
  • Marketing Schedules – IRIS Marketing Schedules provide a host of reporting functionality. With these schedules you can make informed marketing decisions without the hassle of maintaining complicated spreadsheets. You can also create customized views which can be filtered to focus on granular information or display high-level master reports that reflect your business as a whole.


IRIS Consultation

The team behind IRIS is continually working to improve the system, ensuring quality and adding new features on a regular basis. Most of our features come directly from consultation with our clients. We want all of our clients to have an active role in the development of the IRIS application, and we will actively listen to any feedback our users have to offer.

When you begin using IRIS, we will come to your office and work with the marketers to explain the features within IRIS and discuss how your business can benefit from them. We work hard to keep you informed as the product develops, and will schedule regular meetings to make sure you are always aware of any new or underutilized features within IRIS.