Email Services

As a direct marketing company, reliable emails are the lifeblood of your business. Our Email team offers a full array of robust email services to ensure your email campaigns will reach their intended audiences without fail. Sending over 6 billion emails per year for over 20 clients, Publishing Services has the experience and established infrastructure to handle all your email needs.

Our email services department offers two solutions, which vary depending on your needs.


amp. is a content targeting and mailing generation system that is currently replacing Message Central.
Click here to learn more about amp.!

Message Central

Message Central is our full service email solution. This email campaign management system allows users to create content, segment lists, and schedule mailings. It works in conjunction with Momentum, a powerful email delivery infrastructure. With Message Central, you have access to a host of email features, including:

  • Engagement Tracking (clicks and opens)
  • Bounce Handling
  • Spam complaint handling
  • Integration with our eCommerce platform to allow order form pre-population and reporting
  • List Segmentation based on engagement data, Advantage data, and TargetPlus data
  • Support for API-triggered mailings
  • SMS support


Basic Email Infrastructure

Publishing Services provides basic email infrastructure as well. Our basic service uses Momentum to send the messages your customers need. With this level of service, you can utilize Momentum to send emails from any system, such as your website or a different email campaign management system, and send any type of email, such as automated welcome messages, marketing emails, and customized newsletters.

Both options come backed by our knowledgeable support team that works hard to make sure your emails are consistently created, sent, and delivered.


The Deliverability team here at Publishing Services works together to ensure your emails successfully get delivered to their intended recipients. We do this by promoting best practices, providing awareness of external factors that could affect deliverability, monitor domain and IP reputation, and remediate and/or recommend action to be taken where appropriate. Our Deliverability mission statement is as follows: To Provide Deliverability Services at a great value.

Please click here to visit our Deliverability Support page, where you will find Best Practices, FAQs, and more.