Ecommerce Services

Publishing Services’ ecommerce team  builds and supports quality ecommerce solutions that allow you to capture revenue with ease and flexibility. Our flagship software is a proprietary, hosted ecommerce application called OPIUM, or “Online Promotions In Under a Minute.”

What can OPIUM do for me?

As its name suggests, OPIUM’s main purpose is to create online order forms with ease and efficiency. These order forms are customizable pages that can be set up quickly, allowing marketers to take orders and collect revenue for all their products and services.

OPIUM can also be tailored to fit your needs. We offer several different degrees of customization, depending on your needs and technical capabilities. Whether you need a basic, pre-built order form, or would like to customize the fields and look for a more unique ordering experience, OPIUM provides the tools you need.

OPIUM Features

Sales Funnels – One of OPIUM’s key features is the ability to create an entire sales funnel within its order forms. This funnel can include upsells (an upgraded product or service), and cross-sells (an add-on product or service). With these funnels, you have the ability to control the entire customer ordering experience to maximize revenue potential.

International Availability – OPIUM is an international eCommerce solution. It supports currencies and languages from around the globe, and features responsive design templates that allow you to easily shape your customers’ purchasing experience no matter where they’re ordering from.

Support and Development – The eCommerce team strives to continually refine both affiliate and customer experiences alike through product enhancements, new features, application maintenance, support, and quality assurance.