Client Service

Our Client Services team acts as a liaison between Publishing Services and our clients.  We meet regularly with operations and marketing folks from each of the Agora businesses to hear their challenges so we can understand how Publishing Services can better serve them.  By meeting with these teams, we strive to learn their business and help promote the work that is being done by Publishing Services while ensuring proper communication with the right people.

What is Client Services?

It’s a given in Client Service that you build positive relationships with your clients.  To be successful, we believe it should be so much more.  Our focus since the beginning has been on the following:

  • We encourage open and direct communication and want the same from our clients.  The goal is to have mutual respect and trust at all levels.
  • We foster collaboration among our teams both internally and with our clients.
  • We strive to build trusted relationships by focusing on the best interest of the teams and acting as an extension of them.
  • We serve clients at every level of the organization.
  • We continually look for new and better ways to serve our clients and try to anticipate their future needs.
  • We want to build a strong partnership with our clients and make it easy for them to work with us.


Client Services Goals!

  • Be a trusted and valued partner with the affiliates and of internal Publishing Services departments.  Continue to promote collaboration with groups.
  • Achieve fluency in all aspects of the business to be more effective and productive at a deeper level. This means growing to achieve a deeper understanding of our clients’ businesses, as well as our own products and processes.
  • Continue to improve communication, verbal and written, as it comes in and out of our Client Service department so that our teams can be more proactive rather than reactive. We’d like to foster seamless communication, and help Publishing Services be viewed as a true partner with the affiliates.