Architecture Board

The architecture board oversees the direction and development of our enterprise systems on the highest level. We design and build new enterprise systems to support your business, and guide the development of current systems to keep up with the industry’s ever-changing strategies. The Architecture board can also help you find the technical hires who are best equipped to help your business integrate easily with our systems.

Long Term Direction and Stability

Among the Architecture board’s chief concerns is providing long-term direction to our product teams. We’re constantly evaluating the demands on our systems and our clients’ needs to ensure all of Publishing Services’ applications are moving in the right direction. We also work to enhance the technical, back-end structure of our enterprise applications to ensure maximum stability.

The ultimate goal of the architecture board is to achieve balance between meeting our clients’ long term needs and ensuring the stability of our enterprise applications. We strive to create well designed, permanent solutions. While this can take time, looking at development from a long term perspective will help ensure that your revenue streams are never adversely affected by volatile, unstable applications.

That said, our developers do recognize that there are often cases where something needs to be changed fast. Where you need a solution and you need it yesterday. For these types of issues, we created the prototype team, which provides the short term solutions you need without risking the integrity of our core enterprise applications.