Advantage sits at the very core of our enterprise applications, and has been supporting subscription services and products for nearly 30 years.  The Publishing Services Advantage team has spent years enhancing the system to provide a reliable, sustainable application that supports the diversity of your business.

What is Advantage?

Advantage provides a host of functionality and robust features. The application itself is broken up into dozens of distinct modules that allow you to manage just about every aspect of your business, in addition to storing all of your customer and transaction information, including subscription management, payment processing, list management, renewals, event management, supplements, product sales, and much more.

Advantage features a rich user interface that can be customized for several different types of users. The primary Advantage users are customers service, sales, operations, or marketing staff.

The Advantage Team

The Advantage team works together to complete between 70 and 80 modifications a year. The majority of these modifications are to support specific client needs, as well as updates to the core infrastructure. Whether that means adding new fields or services, or changing processes to allow for greater versatility, the Advantage team keeps the application up to date and running smoothly. There are five main arms to our Advantage department: Support, Quality Assurance, Product Direction, Design and Implementation and Information Processing.

  • Tier 2 Support – Our support team handles any questions or requests you may have that dig a little deeper into the specific functions of Advantage. For example, we can help you figure out just how to make Advantage work with that big marketing campaign your team is putting together.
  • Quality Assurance – QA manages our continuous update process and makes sure that each modification introduced to the system gets added without issue.  They are always on watch, expanding our test cases to cover our growing system.
  • Product Direction – Our Product Team manages the direction of the Advantage application, and the integration with the Publishing Services suite of applications. They also coordinate resources for projects that support the growth of the business and the needs of Publishing Services.
  • Design and Implementation- Our Design and Implementation team focuses on bringing our clients feature requests to life.  As business direction and needs shift, so do they.  By obtaining the necessary requirements, this team works to solve the specific business need in the most efficient and user friendly manner possible.  Additionally they work to ensure that all our clients are informed about the latest modification enhancements to the Advantage application.